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I am Regan Rajan, a young web programmer who based in Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia. Although I got used to VB, ASP, ASP.Net and so on, my all time favorite is PHP and I am specializing myself on PHP programming. The best reason I would give is the flexibility of PHP and it's advantage of being open-source with plenty of programmers gathering ideas and sharing it over all the time.

ReganRajan.com is my personal homepage. I use this website just to promote myself better in this well growing Information Technology world. Besides I am just 1 of millions who loves technology. I don't know why i am so craze about technology. Technology growth never going to end and my interest on it also never going to end.

Why am I just mentioning that I love technology rather than saying I love IT. Well, from my point of view, IT and Tech is 2 different thing. IT is the technology using to to share information. On the other hand, technology is opening the criteria wider whereas it involved everything that "digital".

So what is digital? From my point of view, digital is just everything and anything which are input and output of technological devices.

So what is technological devices? Well, from my point of view... ok ok, I better stop here or otherwise I will keep on writing, writing and writing forever because I really loves technology. And most of my friends and clients already knew that I am very talk-active even when composing email. Bear with me guys. I just too addicted to keep on talking when comes to techno related matter.

Back to ReganRajan.com, this website consist of several information about me, projects that I worked on before/currently working on, link to my blogs, and free downloads of my college assignments.

Feel free to surf around this website and please send me your feedbacks or comments to my email. I appreciate all your comments and thanks in advance.

Thank you.

Regan Rajan

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