Previous Projects (Portfolio)

I worked on several project of my own and also others.


1.0 My own projects:

  • Dx-Mobile (free ringtones and wallpapers for mobile phones delivered straight to mobile phone)
  • ReganRajan Favorite Videos (free movies online hosting by


2.0 Third-party projects: (sure I got paid)

2.1 Website (html, asp, php,

  • StarTec Computer Systems - Warranty Management System
    (project manager: Eleanor, language: ASP.NET/MS SQL)
  • Destiny Goals - Goals Management System
    (project manager: Khoa Bui, language: PHP/MySQL)
  • GIT Unitech - whole system including Client Insurance checking system
    (project manager: My self, language: ASP/MS Access)
  • Mobalex Malaysia
    automated free airtime give away system (language: PHP/MySQL)
  • Harry Agency & Associates
    (project manager: Harry Sim, language: HTML)
  • GTI Specialist Publishers, doctorjob - Content Management System
    (project manager: Lew Pik Quinn, language: ASP/MS Access)
  • Fido Method - minor script
    (project manager: Fikri Helmi, language: PHP/MySQL)
  • Beskot - Public Ads Management System
    (project manager: Fikri Helmi and Steven, language: PHP/MySQL)
  • Smarttrend Recruitment & Consultancy
    Front-end web, back-end CMS, resume submission & upload system
    (project manager: Mani and Kevin, language: ASP/MS Access)
  • Archway [The Catholic Archdiocese of KL]
    Upgrade static to be dynamic web content with well integrated Back-end CMS
    (Project manager: Alvin, language: ASP/MS SQL)
  • RNYS Delicious
    Whole website, using our PPSB:Plug & Play Small Business Web Solution product
    (Project manager: Arnita, language: PHP/MySQL)
  • Realty Technologies
    Debug and module development relating to Google Maps, AJAX, and JQuery
    (Project manager: Jimmy Yeoh, language: PHP/MySQL/AJAX)
  • Jobo3
    Debugging and new module development
    (Project manager: Michael Lim, language: PHP/MySQL/AJAX)
  • UFO Global
    Whole website including CMS for videos, photos gallery, news, events, and testimonial sections.
    (Project manager: Robin Khor, language: PHP/MySQL)
  • Cufflinks2Wear
    Debugging and minor modification over existing template and ZenCart functions.
    (Project manager: Tan, language PHP/MySQL - ZenCart engine)
  • Premium Talent Sdn Bhd
    Whole website including template design as well as contents design and scripting
    (Project manager: Cheah, language: PHP/MySQL)
  • RLSP Logistics Sdn Bhd
    Whole website including template design and contents
    (Project manager: Cheah, language: PHP - independant)
  • Hotgate Technology
    Flash Video (FLV) Advertisement System (language: PHP/MySQL)
  • Hotgate Technology
    Internet Network Gateway Traffic and Bandwidth management system (language: PHP/MySQL)
  • Pulse Group
    Online Survey (for Standard Chartered Bank)
    (Project manager: Asrul and Steven, language: PHP/MySQL, additional output to SPSS Datamap)
  • Smart Screen Solution Sdn Bhd
    Pre-employment screening company's corporate website with member ordering and file exchanging system
    (Project manager: Mani, language: PHP/MySQL)
  • Dynamic Consultancy & Resources
    Independent training company's official website with content management system.
    (Project manager: Sheena, language: PHP/MySQL, engine/framwork: Digital Paper)
  • D Bubbles SMS Engine
    Mobile Rich-Content provider engine. Integrated with Mobile Gateway API to deliver Info-On-Demand contents immediately.
    (Project manager: Edward, language: PHP/MySQL, API provider: WebSMS2U)
  • Email Blast
    Online Email Marketing Application with Payment Gateway integrated for instant activation.
    (Language: PHP/MySQL/AJAX/jQuery, API providers: ipay88 & Mobility2u SMS)
  • Cosmic Home Tuition
    Home Tuition agency website which the Tutors can register online and be member.
    (Project Manager: Uma, language: PHP/MySQL, engine/framwork: Digital Paper)
  • Tropika Training Academy
    Tuition Centre official website with content management system.
    (Project Manager: Kumar and Mona, language: PHP/MySQL, engine/framwork: Digital Paper)
  • Java eLearning System
    Online Java programming test with Admin control panel to control student assignments and results in real-time
    (Project Manager: Siti Soraya, language: PHP/MySQL/AJAX/jQuery)
  • Centralized Data Indexing Server
    Data from multiple server would be feed to central server and indexed respectively
    (Language: PHP/MySQL, private API developed for server-to-server data feeding pupose) 
  • Gift Collection System (QR Barcode)
    The system capable of reading private QR Codes and allocate gift for guest/members
    (Project Manager: Yee Tee Ng, language: PHP/MySQL, external device: 2D Barcode Scanner)
  • Entry/Access Control System (QR Barcode)
    Limit the guest/members access by reading private QR Codes
    (Project Manager: Yee Tee Ng, language: PHP/MySQL, external device: 2D Barcode Scanner)
  • You & Me Right Brain Learning Centre Website
  • Retail Merchandising Management System (Multiple Client access through Samsung Galaxy Tab)
  • Web-based Office Appointment and Scheduling System
  • Horoscope Prediction System
  • XML Variables Parser
  • Multi-Level Commission Distribution System
  • Healthcare Appointment System
  • Sales Commission System
  • Hopital & Clinics Patient Data Management System
  • Mobile Content Distribution System (for Content Provider Access and sub-CPA)
    For countries: South Africa, Vietnam, Spain, Kenya
  • Human Resource Management (HRM) System with Payroll Organizer
  • Online Products Ordering System (not using any open-source shopping cart, script fully developed proprietary)
  • Staff Portal System and Leave Application & Automated-Computation
  • Online Invoicing, Receipts and other Business Documents Generator
  • Staff Leave and Stock Management System
  • Tower Management and Maintenance System
  • Students Exam Result System


2.2 Database

  • GIT Unitech - Insurance clients management
  • Harry Agency & Associates - Insurance clients management
  • Harry Investment System - investment computation system
  • Magazine distribution/circulation system
  • GIT Unitech - MyKAD information management system using licensed SDK from Iris
  • Koperasi Pengusaha Pekerja Malaysia Berhad - members' shares and loan system


2.3 Applications

  • StarTec Computer Systems - Web introduction flash (project manager: Eleanor)
  • Napera Softwares - Preschool English flash based Autorun application (project manager: Nanda)
  • Hotgate Technology - Radius server deployment for Hotspot management system
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