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Useful resources for you to download:

  • FreeRADIUS
    The best radius server that I had worked with. It's kinda simple and straight forward. You may find this useful when you work with Radius server to set up Wifi Hotspot projects.
  • (Win32 Distribution of FreeRADIUS)
    This is a surprise to the industry whereas most of us predicted that FreeRADIUS is only for Linux and will "never" be available for Windows. But the folks over there proved that we are wrong, his release isn't a stable version but yet I would say; it's the best for Windows and free so far. If you was searching for windows radius, I am glad that your search will end here. Give it a shot!
  • NT Rad Ping
    Testing a Radius website was not posible unless using the Linux's build in radcheck or checkrad. It is more complicated as it sounds kinda stupid to insert all variable(although it is unused) to test a radius connection and authentication. But recently I found this application called NTRadPing and it amazed me. It can easily check an authentication and this saved my life as now I no need to mess with linux commands and can just test a connection through my Windows laptops. I even shared this useful software with my work mates and I hope you will find it useful too when you messing around with Radius!
  • Elcomsoft Advanced Office Password Recovery Professional
    This tool helps you to recover Microsoft office file passwords if they are password-protected. I have test this tool on Powerpoint 2003 and it worked great. Within 1 second it showed the password which was actually a dictionary word. You can use this tool to brute-force attack as well.
  • Windows Genuine Error Software Remover
    If you attempt to update your windows software such as Windows Media Player, Windows Installer and so on, you will be forced to install the Windows Genuine checker. It would be totally annoying software if you are using pirated Windows operating system. But worry not, you can get rid of it using this tool. Just extract the folder to your harddisk and run the Crack XP or Crack Vista based on the operating system you using. It works for both of the operating system as far as I tested personally.
  • TeamViewer [FULL Edition]  [QUICK Edition]
    I never like the windows Remote Assistant because it has very annoying way of setting up. If I ask my client to enable the Remote Assistant, they will ask "How?" Its a tough question. But the best way of providing remote support is through TeamViewer. It is a free software. The client do not need to configure anything, they just need to download, install and run the software. It would provide simple ID and password which the client need to inform the party who going to remote access the machine. It works way simple! I strongly recommend it.
  • Complex Windows Operating System Process Explorer
    Windows build-in Task Manager is not powerful enough to show more details on the process description and the producer company name. But this complex system process explorer can actually do that and even show hidden and sub-processes. This would be handy if you suspect or fear your PC might be infected with malware or spyware which would be running in the background process. You can kill those process using this tool.
  • Screenshot Maker - Screenhunter
    Screenhunter is a powerful tool to help you make screenshots. You can download free version from their website but comes with limitations. I was using the free version for quite long. The limitations are; the JPEG output quality is limited to only 90%; no PNG output; and basic screenshot funtions. But I found the full version is yet powerful and is a must share tool to ensure others will benefit as much I did. It even let you to make full screenshot of websites with its build-in auto-scrolling function and simple picture editor. Really handy!
  • Internet Lock
    When you are giving PC with internet access to your staffs or others, there is high chance of misuse such as they spend time surfing facebook, chatting over instant messagers and so on. It is a waste of productivity if your staffs misuse the PC or laptop that you provided them to do office related works. For this kind of situation, you would need to lock the internet. In large corporations, they would use centralized Internet Gateway server that can block you from accessing certain website. But for small companies, implementing the Internet Gateway is not an option as restricted in term of budget. Therefore, for small companies, they can install this Internet Lock application to the individual PC/Notebook and limit the staffs to access only certain websites. Pretty poweful and handy.
  • EMS SQL Manager for MySQL [FULL Edition] [LITE Edition]
    I personally hate the phpmyadmin application. It is web-based database manager and not simple. I like to view the database tables like viewing Excel spreadsheet. Thus SQL Manager software is always a better choice. I tried few managers including Toad for MySQL and finally decided to stick along with EMS because it is the most simple and straight-forward among the others. If you always use phpmyadmin, I suggest you to give it a try. It would be worth it and helps you to save a lot of time.
  • Cute PDF Maker/Writer
    Ever wanted to create PDF and send to your client or customer through Email? This simple application can play it's role as PDF Printer. Thus if you need to make PDF, you can do so by printing any document into PDF. For example if you have a Words document and you want it to be in PDF format, open the Words document, go to File > Print, in the Print window, change your Printer to CutePDF and proceed to print. This will prompt you a Window asking you where to save the PDF. Select any folder such as your My Documents and that's all. Open your My Documents and you will find your PDF is there. The exact content of the Words document is now in PDF format file. This works for everything as long as you can Print them including Webpages. I normally pay my Bills through Online Banking and will not print the Receipt because it is waste of paper. Instead I will print it with CutePDF and save the PDF file.

If you find any of the links are broken, do throw me a message. I would update the link soonest possible.

Disclaimer: Please use at your own risk. All applications provided here are strictly for educational or research purpose only. If you are interested with the application for your business use, please obtain/buy the licensed application as it is strictly against the law to use pirated/hacked softwares for business needs.

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