My Favorite Philosophy

Sometimes when you are sitting alone with sadness or happiness, your mind might whisper some philosophy that makes sense for your for the present situation. It does happen for me all the time and I do collect them often. Here are some of my all-time favorite philosophy:

  • Don't trouble Trouble until Trouble troubles you
    Do not trouble others, but if others trouble you, then you must react.
  • Don't sleep with Sleep until Sleep sleeps with you
    Do not go to bed early if you are not sleepy, because you might be laying on bed and forcing yourself to sleep and its totally waste of time.
  • Tomorrow never dies, unless you died today
    People like to say tomorrow never dies but stop saying that because that would cause you to drag your works. Instead, just imagine today is the last day and execute all you got to do as much as you can for today.
  • Love me or leave me!
    It is better for people who hates you to not be around you. Therefore provide the option to leave for people who might hate you.
  • Born to die! Die to born?
    We all know that we are going to die one fine day. But what is after death is a mystery and hinduism believe that people will born back after they died if they are good enough in the first life.
  • Do or Die!
    When you have no option to quit, put dead as an extreme option which will force you to 'do' instead of quiting.
  • Only Qualified will be Verified
    I believe that those who are verified are people who are qualified for it. You can apply this in real life.
  • Don't dance on wet floor
    Do not take the risk when you know it is was too risky.
  • Sleep like you will never sleep again
    Take a good rest in your life because your whole body would demand for rest and giving good level of rest would make your whole body to be active and healthy.
  • Too good to be true because it is the truth
    When you know you can not believe something, then do not believe it.
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