Online Books

The best part of schooling is Assignments.

The worst part of schooling is also Assignments.

How do I survive my assignments with minimum book reference?
Well, the truth is; I do refer a lot but not on library books and it is merely online books whereas you can get the content you wanted rather than flipping through thousand pages in the library.

Here is some of the online books/library links as you can also do the online reference like I always do:

  • Google Books
    Very comprehensive search engine for the books. I suggest you to search for what you want and then change the "Books Showing" from "All Books" to "Full view only". This will give you the real books with comprehensive preview. Even got some research papers also in there. All quite useful actually. Happy Book-ing! 
  • Globusz Publishing Digital Library
    I found this recently when googling around for management accounting tutorial books to solve my management accounting assignment. Their content was super useful. But they do not have direct search engine. Therefore you need to google them with your keyword of finding. For example, go to google and search for " break even", it would return all content of Globusz that matches the keyword. Have fun!
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