Degree in Entrepreneurship Exam Results

After completing my Diploma, I worked for about 6 months and realized that DBA is just a small status compare to other workmates who are having at least Degree. This had encouraged me (status as motivation injection) to proceed my studies and take another step up.

Currently I am doing my Degree in Entrepreneurship (BET) by Binary University College again.

BET Year 1:

  • Semester 1
    Managing Entrepreneurial Ventures ~ A-
    Total Quality Management ~ A-
    Introductory to Finance ~ A
    Business Maths ~ B+
    Corporate Entrepreneurship ~ B
    Franchising ~ A-
  • Semester 2
    Business Ethics ~ B-
    Leadership ~ A
    Financing Entrepreneurship ~ B+
    Management Accounting ~ C+
    International Trade ~ A
    Marketing Management ~ FAIL (there was issue in group assignment caused all to fail, even the lecturer quit Binary)


BET Year 2:

  • Semester 1
    Negotiating Skills ~ A-
    Managing Change & Diversity ~ A
    Strategic Management ~ D+
    Services Marketing ~ A
    Entrepreneurial Business Strategy ~ B-


As far as I know, the exam level of Binary University College is tough enough compared to other universities. They have a killer marking stategic which is:

  • Indivual Assignment
    10%: Paperwork (at least 3000 words)
    10%: Presentation (at least 10 minutes) 
  • Group Assignment
    10%: Paperwork (at least 3000 words)
    10%: Presentation (at least 30 minutes)
  • Final Exam
    60%: Exam paper (which also includes a case studies and must have 80% of class attendance to be qualified to sit for exam) 
  • 100% is your result. Its quite damn crazy and hard to get these scores.
    Must attend at least 80% of the classes to be qualified to enter the exam hall, otherwise will be barred and yet another 6 months will be wasted. Hell crazy!
    And I haven't finish yet, the best part is; one you failed any exam, when you resit the exam, no matter how excellent you did, you will only award C (the most!).
    Too much work for too little mark. What else can be crazier than this?
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