How to Create Your Own Website?

Digital Paper featuresI do get question from my buddies on how to create a website like this for themselves. The answer is yet easy! This website is running on Digital Paper DIY Website (Entrepreneur Package) application. It has content management system (CMS) with rich-text editor enabling me to edit my web contents on the go. Just after my exam result come out, it would be published into my web. Isn't that good? I can also create unlimited webpages and unlimited menus. That is the key advantage of having CMS website.

Not only that, Digital Paper also has build-in file manager which allows me to upload my assignments and share almost any files with you guys. Not to forgot, it also has Photo Gallery and Video Gallery. I upload my photo which captured directly through my digital camera or phone, the photo would be automatically resized and published. I manage the Albums quite easy.

Back to history, my first edition website was using solid ASP with HTML pages designed by myself. But it has no CMS and I cannot update content on-the-go. Then I developed PPSB which I has build-in CMS to manage my contents. But then I was not able to add new webpages and there was no file or photo upload. Then I developed eWebsite. eWebsite enables me to change the design dynamically. I commercialized the eWebsite. I received many feedbacks and suggestions. I collected all this suggestion and developed Digital Paper. Digital Paper has all the modern tools to cater a website and it is a fully Do-It-Yourself website including Google Maps.

You can get more information regarding Digital Paper over here:

IfDigital Paper Entrepreneur Package you admire to have a website like mine, then all you need is the Digital Paper which comes with all the module required to have professional or personal website. The best part is, I am providing personal training to those who buy Digital Paper. I would teach you guys on how to use the Digital Paper and how flexible it in.

Back to the commercial issue, Digital Paper is also available for resellers who wish to sell the product to your friends and family. The reseller price is also attractive and up to 50% off the price. If you have any question regarding the Digital Paper or you need friend to talk about website and IT stuffs, then drop me your message ya! I would get back to you the soonest possible and remember to "Have Fun" all the time ya!

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