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Vacation to North India
Album created on 04 March 2012
I went on vacation to North India. It was 6 days and 5 nights which was from 15th February 2012 to 20th February 2012. The weather was cold and it was great experience. Somehow, the day time was fantastic, while the night time was super cold until I can hardly sleep. Visited New Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra which is known as Golden Triangle Tour. Overall; it was exciting to discover North India!
Trip to Zoo Negara
Album created on 13 March 2010
Short trip to Zoo Negara. Send there nearly 6 hours and totally exhausted when reached back home. It was fun to spend time with friends although the animal there was sort of boring. Having the time out with friends worth the trip, definitely!
Visited Malacca - stayed there for 1 night
Album created on 12 December 2009
I went to Mallaca without planning. I went just to visit one of my friend. The decision to stay there suddenly came into my mind and I bring along my best friend. Just hang around the town and had the Malacca Chicken Rice Ball for first time.
Langkawi Vacation - stayed there for 3 nights
Album created on 12 December 2009
I planned this Pulau Langkawi trip with 2 of my best friends and everything went on well. We went at off-peak season to avoid wasting money. The 3 nights we stayed there was something enjoyable and guess what? I drive Wira car (which we rented there) like a drunken driver and almost bang things on the road. Damn, I love my Vios, its the best!
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