Langkawi Vacation - stayed there for 3 nights
I planned this Pulau Langkawi trip with 2 of my best friends and everything went on well. We went at off-peak season to avoid wasting money. The 3 nights we stayed there was something enjoyable and guess what? I drive Wira car (which we rented there) like a drunken driver and almost bang things on the road. Damn, I love my Vios, its the best!
Langkawi Go Kart, I remember the sudden break I put and almost fly away, no ABS ma!
Sunset in Langkawi, the best experience, we also had beach view dinner
Supper in Langkawi
Make-up before getting out, otherwise I will look horrible!
Crocodile farm, I saw lots of lazy crocodile who do not move single inch!
In cable car, they claim this is the longest cable car
Nice view near the cable car station
Posing with parrot, but it does not like me
Posing with swan or duck? I wonder what creature is that?
3 Nights @ Langkawi Langkawi Vacation - stayed there for 3 nights
Feeding rabbits, the cute and lovable moment of the entire vacation!
Looking at the beach with sadness, it rains when we reached beach, what a day!
Eagle Hotel is where we stayed, 4-Star hotel
Tired after all the hangout
Done lots of shopping and burn my pocket
My lovely VIOS, it is our ride to and from Kuala Kedah Jetty
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